Speech technologies. Development of biometric identification and authentication systems

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We produce solution for:

For improvement of custom service quality through processes automation

  • Identification on the incoming phone call with automatic integration with a CRM system.
  • Analysis of the call center staff records to identify deviations speech from a script.
  • Creation of the catalogues with the corporate employees voice samples (voice cards).
  • Improving the quality of MfSCs service.
  • Registration of the customer's voice by call with subsequent recognition at the entrance to the company.
  • Increase of the average speed of order processing by recognizing the customer's voice on an incoming call and his connection to an attached specialist.
  • Monitoring of service satisfaction by analyzing the customer's speech phonograms, based on the quantitative, temporal, lexical-semantic and sentiment analysis of the dialogue.

Improving the level of security

  • Providing data access through voice authorization.
  • Speech encryption in order to preserve the anonymity.
  • Recording of a conversation that contains a certain pattern.
  • Implementation of intelligent video surveillance system - implementation and operation of a hardware-software complex for voice biometrics.
  • Ensuring the accuracy of the citizen's personal data by his voice recognition to avoid scams: lending, electronic voting, transaction

Noise Reduction

  • Using the given algorithms of sound signals processing to remove ambient noise from audio records and increasing the speech intelligibility even in the most difficult cases.

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