Quick start


The mobile app "Quick Start" is a unique product for those who are willing to have access to any kinds of guidelines, manuals or instructions and receive any type of support even without internet connection.

The hectic pace of today's 24-hour lifestyle forces us to be able to stay alert even out of coverage. Especially when it influences your business reputation.

In the application "Quick Start" you can choose if you want to read a manual or to watch a short video on it as all the instructions have been implemented in both formats for your convenience.

You can also mark those guidances which have already been looked through, but not finished, to be able to get back to them later. It means you do not have to memorize the order of the materials.

Non-stop app support is an issue sometimes. Unfortunately not all of the specialists are competent in such complex systems. This is why having a simple, user-friendly program is essential. The faster and the more easily the information is presented the better it if for the user.

It will be possible to see an updated version of any instruction everywhere: on the website, in the user account, in a tutoring system and in the app, of course!

“QUICK START” - is not just an ordinary application, it’s a big set of technical solutions which are aimed to maintain the relevance of the presented information in a user-friendly format. The main feature of the “QUICK START” is that all the saved instructions are available both online and offline.

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