Flight management system

The Flight Control Information Management System increases the management level and optimizes the work, preserves and applies the previous experience successfully, and also it fixes the problems that have been raised and offers solutions for their elimination.

It will be useful for Russian and foreign airlines employees, heads of departments, interpreters and administrators.

The Flight Control Information Management System

Why our system is relevant now?

Reason №1: The absence of common reporting format


The work of the Flight Control Center is usually provided by several forces at once. Each of them has to draw up different documents in their system. Due to the absence of common reporting format, it takes a lot of time to put all the documents in order.

Reason №2: A large information flow

It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare a general report as you need to request data in all departments and process a large amount of unstructured information.

Reason №3: The absence of efficiency

The documents are stored in printed or electronic form. Not everyone has access to them. That means that not all employees receive the information on time. Furthermore, while there are some requests and the conciliation process, the information is becoming irrelevant.

Reason №4: Translation problems

The interaction with employees abroad is conducted through e-mail correspondence. Thus, there are some problems with translating the information which means that some misunderstandings can take place there, which is unacceptable.

Reason №5: Hard-access data

Contact details of an organisation are stored in different systems. It is often difficult to receive them. The history of relations is also unavailable.

Our product enables you to:

  • Inform employees about events promptly

  • Evaluate real opportunities and terms of obtaining the permits of countries

  • Monitor restrictions on the period of validity and also to make requests for permits and commercial rights promptly

  • Analyze the relations with aviation and airport authorities, agents, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other organizations

  • Analyze the efficiency of flight support. You can analyze both particular regions and countries all over the world

  • Conduct the history of meetings and negotiations. There will be all reports, agreements and meeting results

  • Collaborate on solving problems of flight support

Key benefits:

  1. The system allows you to see the full picture of all processes. All the information of meetings, negotiations and current issues is presented.

  2. Users will receive notifications about new events in time both in the system section and on the corporate e-mail addresses.

  3. The groups and users’ roles are classified. There is an opportunity to configure access rights to each system section flexibly.

  4. There is available statistical data both consolidated and country-specific, which are generated automatically. Also there is a report on the solved and existing problems.

  5. Each edited page has a change history. It shows if employees made any changes and in which sections they did it.

  6. Smart filters help you find the information you need very quickly.

  7. Two languages are available: Russian and English.

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