LightViewer - is a full solution that allows you to share the files remotely and solve any problems quickly.

LightViewer will be useful for companies that are focused on technical support of their customers and fast solving of complex issues.


The advantages of LightViewer?

  • Always in touch

There is no need to come to the client anymore. You can solve any problem remotely, wherever you are. All you need is a working device and internet access.

  • Saving time and money

You will save both time and money. Moreover, the weather conditions do not always allow you to reach the customer. With the remote support it is out of question.

  • Work safety

Personal data, correspondence, any files and other documents will kept safe. They will not be accessible to unauthorized users.



  1. LightViewer operates with all devices. You will easily connect from a PC to a PC, from a mobile device to a mobile device, from a PC to a mobile device and vice versa;
  2. LightViewer operates on different devices: both modern and outdated;
  3. A clear and user-friendly interface with which you will not have any difficulties;
  4. Fast data transfer, high quality, instant connection allow you to solve urgent popping up issues quickly;
  5. LightViewer uses an encrypted channel for data exchange. This will protect you from intruders;
  6. Files of any size are transferred at high speed.

If your customers use your application on mobile devices, then LightViewer is here to help you provide them with technical support and solve problems of any complexity.

Get LightViewer easily! Write to us at and we will contact you shortly!

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