Control system sro uplink ee


Automated information management system SRO UPLINK EE


In 2011, the specialists of RITG developed an automated information management system for official representation of the company "Uplink Technologies Inc." in Russia – OJSC "Uplink technology". The company deals with enterprise management systems implementation and promotion on the Russian market of software for business.

Project objectives :

- automation of processes within the self-regulatory organizations;
- optimization of communication between SRO members;
- monitoring and management of SROs in real-time.

A distinctive feature of the system

A distinctive feature of the system – multifunctionality and flexibility. Its functionality allows to carry out a temporary, resource and financial planning of production and non-production processes of the company, to track and monitor their implementation, generate different reports for supervisors.


The main advantages of the system

Automatic and manual control over the members of SRO, automation of document circulation and business processes management. You can monitor timely payments of members SRO, track for their certification and staff development, create templates of business processes for each of them and more.

Due to the mechanism of the sample data, integrated by RITG specialists, the user can perform an interactive selection, filtering and listing any field about the SRO member. The ability to subsequently upload data to Rostekhnadzor along with the other modules of interaction with SRO members makes working with the system more simple and understandable.


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