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Vitaly Ulybin made a report on the topic of smart technologies at the most mass technical forum of the Volga region "RIF.Technology"

September 30, 2017 in the Ulyanovsk region took place one of the most major technical forums in the Volga region - RIF.Technology. This year the rich program of the forum was expanded by a round table discussion dedicated to the development of the federal project Digital Economy (DE). Its goal is the introduction of digital technologies in all spheres of life. Among the priority directions of Russia's strategic development within the DE program are: 3D printing, robotics, quantum technologies, photonics, Internet of things, blockchain and big data. The last three technologies were covered by Vitaly Ulybin, the managing partner of RITG, IT-Ombudsman of the region.

"The changes brought by smart technologies affect education, economics, sociology, cryptography, and other aspects of our live. Let's take a closer look at blockchain 3.0, namely the variation of the blockchain 2.0 + artificial intelligence (AI).  This approach is less known, however, in my opinion, the most correct. The use of AI in the blockchain systems makes them autonomous and adapted to new data and environment changes. It is very important to understand that in those cases when people talk about blockchain, you need to talk not about data, but about transactions. And here we are turning to the topic of Internet of Things and its industrial version - the industrial Internet, and then to the "Smart City" program", said V. Ulybin in his speech.

Further, several world practices of using blockchain systems were considered and variants of their approbation in the framework of the regional economy were suggested.blockchain and industrial internet

Participants of the round table also were: Deputy Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region on Information Policy Pavel Degtyar, Acting Director of the "Government for Citizens" institution Yaroslav Egorov, Director of the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization "Ulyanovsk Council of Internet Technologies Cultivation", Executive Director OOO "Kupi Baton" Ilya Valkin, Regional Director for External Relations of OOO “Prof IT” Denis Efremov, First Pro-Rector - Pro-Rector for Research,  FSBEI HE "Ulyanovsk State Technical University "Nadezhda Yarushkina, Director of the Center for Internet Education FSBEI HE "Ulyanovsk State University "Alla Kostishko and others.

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