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Ulyanovsk business will learn about the practical application of machine learning technologies and neural networks
Processing of big data makes it possible to make predictions, foreseeing behavior of this or that indicator. For example, the demand in the market for a certain product in real time, displaying information on specially developed dashboards. Thus, it becomes possible to prevent in advance serious financial or quality indicators and use operating activity data while the conditions have not changed. So to speak, "hot off the skillet". The possibility of errors reduction in results of this analytics significantly increases competitiveness on market of goods and services.

However, this approach is technically tied to the Machine Learning algorithms, namely, one of the prospective areas of deep learning, which is based on neural networks. At the same time the neural networks training requires a huge flow of incoming data and technical skill of experts. This topic will be widely discussed on April 14-15 in Ulyanovsk by 11 experts from different cities of Russia. Experts' presentations are planned within the “Machine learning” section of international IT Conference “Stachka” at the Lenin memorial.

RITG Software Development 

“This year the content of the section is mainly aimed at IT specialists, but we specifically selected the reports for entrepreneurs, which will demonstrate commercial and practical orientation of development using neural networks", commented the chief organizer of the section Vitaly Ulybin, founder of IT company RITG. "Entrepreneurs will be able to ask the top experts in the field of Machine Learning directly and seek advice in dealing with their business objectives”.

This is a great opportunity to gain experience, because the main challenge for business is to understand how to identify and seize causation and information from the accumulated data, allowing them to perform certain actions or move the business forward.

The speakers of the section are ready to help answer these questions, among them:
- Nikolay Zhiltsov, Rambler & Co analyst: : "I will tell about the latest tools, methods, and models for the representation of texts. I will show it on real examples, including how it does in the Rambler. What works and is effective for analysis, classification and search texts in Russian is in the focus".
- Andrey Igonin, the CEO of RITG (experts in the field of industrial software development): “My report will deal with ultrasonic diagnostics in industrial application. I will tell about the peculiarities of software development for enterprises and our ten-year experience of work in this direction. I will draw your attention to the automation of defects recognition and explain how to create the scanning and recognition system, which works in real time”.
- Mikhail Kiselev, the CEO of "Megaputer Intelligence": “In addition to commercial data-mining systems developing I'm also involved in research in the field of pulsed neural networks and computational linguistics. I will tell about it in more detail at the conference".
- Dmitry Yermishin, chief IT analyst of "Fintech Lab": "We will talk about the ways of multiple-factor authorization and how to make it safe. About the speech recognition and speaker identification, for example, for the call center's work”.

 To learn more about the reports and see the whole list of speakers, please, visit the Conference website.

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