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For several months participation in various educational IT programs have become a good tradition for RITG. Last educational session for residents of the Kazan Business Incubator in which Alexander Grishin, the commercial director of RITG, participated didn't become an exception also.

The main feature of this event was certainly its format. Within several days there has been an open discussion with the invited experts of such topical issues as forming of a competent business model of startup projects and better understanding of the principles of their work. RITG shared its vision and experience in this field. In 2013 its team launched the startup projects in the field of Internet banking and e-commerce.

During the training, beginners and experienced entrepreneurs could practice the identifying of the key features of different types of IT products, determining their target audience and analyzing the sales funnel.

RIS Ventures IT-парк (г.Казань)

The photo is taken from the official site of Business Incubator  «IT Park»

The program of training has been carried out under the leadership of Nikolay Mityushin and Dmitry Plushchevsky - well-known entrepreneurs in the startup sphere. They not only shared their experience and useful observations in the field of projects promotion which they had drawn from work in ABRT and Research & Development Capital fund, but also practical recommendations for the beginning businessmen.

At the end of three-day intensive educational course "Business Models, Customer Development, Marketing," some participants have received certificates confirming of the course completion. Among them was the commercial director of RITG Alexander Grishin.

According to him, a new educational program have not been less interesting and intense in comparison with the intensive course for it entrepreneurs "RIS Ventures: Start in Garage", that had taken place a few month ago. "It seems to me that both programs are perfectly complemented each other, thereby becoming if not step-by-step guidance, then at least the tool that helps you better understand your IT product and its potential audience," said commercial director of RITG.

RITG was founded in 2006. Since 2009 we have been presented at the international IT market and today we are the partner of such companies as "1C-Bitrix", UMI.CMS, ScanMaster, Microsoft, the Darmstadt University of Technology. Main activities are: web development, high-load systems for businesses and government agencies,  e-commerce solutions, custom software development, technical support. 

Business Incubator of Technopark in the sphere of high technologies "IT Park" is a business platform for supporting promising IT startups and their further promotion to the foreign market. The main task of the business incubator is to help beginning and prospective project teams in the field of information technology to improve the idea and the product, get investment and find strategic partners and customers.

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