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RITG & Airbus Innovations Russia
Having a serious expertise in the development of non-destructive testing systems and technical analytical systems, RITG represented by Managing Partner Vitaly Ulybin has become a panellist in the round table on the aircraft industry innovations. This event was initiated by Dmitry Bondarenko, the sci-tech projects manager of Airbus Innovations Russia.

The meeting took place within the International IT Conference "Stachka", the strategic partner of which was our company. During the conversation Dmitry Bondarenko summed up the Airbus Group's work in 2016 and shared innovative concepts applicable by Airbus in the field of research in Russia. Focusing on the technology of composite materials, metals and coatings, the speaker moved on to discuss innovation models of air vehicles, including diesel-electric
hybrid helicopter aircraft of the future E-Thrust with engines of Rolls Royce.

To date, Airbus Innovations Russia and RITG consider joint cooperation.

Photos are provided by the official group of "Stachka" in "Vkontakte" social network.

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