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The results of the developers contest Open Data Hackathon taken place in St. Petersburg, has been summed up. Based on the open vote results "Cultural Guide" submitted by the developers team of Oleg Silakov (Ulyanovsk State Technical University) and Dmitry Klyuchnikov (RITG), was recognized by experts as the best among the rest 12 projects.

Within Open Data Hackathon, the participants had to create a software product that would be socially useful for residents of this or that Russian region. The best was a team, led by a programmer of RITG Dmitry Klyuchnikov and student of UlSTU Oleg Silakov.

Mobile application "Cultural Guide" was created by developers on the open data on objects of Ulyanovsk region cultural heritage. Its main feature is that it allows any mobile device owner to determine the current geographical location, show the nearest sights, and also to lay the shortest route to any historical monument.

Дмитрий Ключников ("Russian IT Group"). Совместный проект Дмитрия Ключникова и Олега Силакова "Гид по культурным местам" стал победителем хакатона Open Data Hackathon

According to Dmitry Klyuchnikov this product will be useful primarily for tourists. It is aimed to save much of their time, making the journey even more eventful and fascinating.

As for the technological component, the project "Cultural Guide" was developed on the platform of Windows Phone 8. As a navigation "stuffing" the developers had chosen the Nokia Here service that gives users the ability to mark on the map any places and routes based on their preferences and interests. Besides, the mobile app is integrated with Google Panoramio supporting a system of geolocation data. According to Dmitry Klyuchnikov, the specialist of RITG, these solutions can provide a comprehensive picture of the cultural sites in the region, focusing on two components - information and visual.

The development team has the far-reaching plans. They are already declaring their desire to adapt the app to other operational systems (iOS and Android) and also to improve its functional set due to creating the new routes.

RITG was founded in 2006. Since 2009 we have been presented at the international IT market and today we are the partner of such companies as "1C-Bitrix", UMI.CMS, ScanMaster, Microsoft, the Darmstadt University of Technology. Main activities are: web development, high-load systems for businesses and government agencies,  e-commerce solutions, custom software development, technical support. 

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