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Machine Learning Meetup
The RITG Company has serious expertise and practical experience in applying Machine Learning methods in the software development. Focusing on the high interest of young specialists in this field, we have decided to share our practice in neural networks application and organized the Machine Learning Meetup.

23 September RITG held Machine Learning Meetup for IT specialists. About 30 employees of regional IT companies and specialized higher education institutions took part in the event. 6 speakers presented their reports, the topics of which were:

1) "The use of convolutional neural networks for the binary classification of digital fluorography," – Ilya Voronov, lead software engineer of RuGadget.

2) "Intellectual analysis of social media texts," – Alexander Krainov, developer of Data Science Restrim.

3) "The process of learning and processing information by people:
- the essence of the neuron and neural networks in a brain;
- how does information processing in the brain;
- how memories are stored and recalled;
- the learning process, how we get new skills” – Ilya Makarov, the CEO of Simtech.

4) "Deep learning: the use of deep machine learning algorithms in practice," – Vitaly Ulybin, the Managing Partner of #RITG.

5) "Application of neural networks in person search and identification in client base and also the determination of whether the client is already in the database or you need to create a new record " – Dmitry Fronin, Lead Developer of Alfa-Bank.

6) "A brief overview of advanced machine learning technologies: where to start and where to go" – Alexander Mikheev, ML developer in Simcase.

This was the first meeting in such a format, and in the end of it the organizing committee decided to continue the development of this enterprise. Soon, the 2nd Machine Learning Meetup is expected in an already updated format.

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