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The artificial neural networks in use
On 5 November Cheboksary hosted a conference on neural networks, which was attended by various experts of the Volga region. Speakers presented reports with scientific and practical data and propounded applications of algorithms, tools and new technologies to work with neural networks and artificial intelligence.

Our company participated actively and served as the expert, presented real practical case about the use of artificial neural networks for automation of railroad tracks ultrasonic diagnostics. This topic attracted great interest among experts.
Vitaly Ulybin, the CEO of RITG, told about the way company had come to use of neural networks and difficulties it had faced with.

It was noted that initially the specialists in ultrasound had tried to solve the problem of railway defects identification, but since they failed, they turned to RITG. We have no professionals in ultrasound, therefore, we, being IT specialists, used combined solutions - we took that other experts had generated on ultrasound, and added the analysis of defects geometry. This brought us closer to how it looks from the person's point of view. Due to lack of data the system of transfer learning was introduced, and today our company continues to develop various techniques to improve it.

After all the presentations a round table was organized to discuss the most important issues in the field of neural networks.After the meeting the companies offered each other the further cooperation and experience exchange, which is a huge step towards the creation of a whole community.

Because there are still unsolved problems in the development and promotion of neural networks technologies and their application in industry and software, the conference is planned to be repeated.
The number of the opportunities for the artificial neural networks practical application is increasing with every passing year.


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