Our Team

Our company is on the rise and attracts more and more clients every year. Our professionalism is annually confirmed by the All-Russian ratings and allows to enter the new markets. Now we are one of the most ambitious and promising IT companies in the TOP Russian agencies.

Working together and with great responsibility in project activity we increase the number of successfully implemented projects within a specified period. Professionals working in RITG, rationally and effectively take the tasks, that is the basis of positive feedback from our customers.


Vitaly Ulybin

Managing Partner

Master of Engineering and Technology of Ulyanovsk State Technical University. Nominee of the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva (2007). In 2010 graduated from the Faculty of Law of MESI.

Andrey Igonin

Chief Executive Officer

In 2003 graduated from Ulyanovsk State Technical University with a degree in Computing machines, complexes, systems and networks. In 2007 he defended his Candidates Thesis

Grigory Kazakov

Technical Director

In 2010 graduated from Ulyanovsk State Technical University with a degree in Informational Systems and Technology. Started out in 2010 as an ordinary programmer. Since 2015 he is a Technical Director of RITG.

Tatyana Tyurina

Head of Business Development

In 2015 graduated from Ulyanovsk State Technical University as an applied mathematician. In 2014 graduated from Junior Academy of Public Administration of Volga Federal District. Organiser of International IT Conferences.

Together we find
the best solutions

Our team is result-oriented and each employee is an important part of our company.